Senbo Yang


Senbo Yang


Senbo Yang (b. 1990) is an emerging artist whose site-specific works observe the nuance in nature and present the high-contrast but supplementary powers between substances. Born and grew up in South China, Yang moved to Providence, RI to study landscape architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, and later relocated to NYC, NY then Berkeley, CA for his design career.


Yang’s works include installation art, public art, ceramics and environmental art. He was invited to the 2017 Artist-in-Residence program at I-Park Foundation, Inc., Connecticut. There, Yang created his recent work “Drifting” (2017). By placing an all-white bed in unstable environments, the artist blurs the boundaries between calmness and restlessness.


Trained as a landscape architect and multidisciplinary artist, Yang’s art practice draws from architectural investigations into psychology, ecology, and social studies. His work has deep sociological motives, with sentiments regarding human-nature interrelationship.